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Worshipful Master Nirio A. Garcia Jr.
From the East - May Master's Message


I want to touch on a couple of subjects that I believe is vital for the continuing growth of our beloved lodge. I've been in communication with some of the brethren that have been away for some time and was informed that some of them have been very sick or incapacitated to attend our meetings and have caught ill feelings towards the lodge because we haven't reached out to them. I have also heard that some of the Spanish speaking brethren don't attend our meetings because we have failed to provide vital Masonic instruction in our native tongue. Initially, when I received this news I was disheartened. We have provided many meetings this year with Masonic topics in Spanish and also have had guest speakers come out from as far away as England to provide good and wholesome instruction.

The education was there but it wasn't realized because of the misconceptions some of the brethren have with the lodge. We are all here to help one another, if you have an issue to discuss, come out to lodge and we, as brothers, will work together and make this lodge stronger in the process. We live in a country that provides us with many opportunities and while we must labor in English, we can work with each other to explain and understand anything. This only makes us stronger as individuals and as a lodge. As for the sick and distressed brothers, I will take the blame in not reaching out earlier. But brethren, we must understand that the Masonic brotherhood is a mutual coexistence. If you are sick, hurt or distressed please let one of us know. The trestle board goes out every month with the numbers of all the officers and we are here to help with whatever you need. Don't wait for a call, take a minute to call one of us and we will be there to help in whatever way we can. Don't be disheartened if you haven't heard from the lodge because this is a two way street my brethren. We are here to help but we must know if someone needs it.

If we work together as a lodge and realize that no brother is an island, we can achieve great things within this fraternity. We just have to have a means of communication. We are here for you brethren just knock and we will open our hearts and minds.

Salud, Fuerza y Union,

Nirio A. Garcia Jr.
Sons of Liberty Lodge No. 301